Exceptional customer service requires exceptional communication

Connect the front and back of house with secure, real-time communication in one powerful walkie-talkie messenger.


Walkie-Talkie Combined with Messaging

Allow your team to hear you as you speak and reply immediately. All messages are also recorded for later playback. Messages are geo-tagged and time-stamped.

Works for iPhone, Android, and Web

Voxer works on major smartphones, all networks, and WiFi. In network dead-zones, Voxer messages are saved and delivered as soon as a network signal is available.

Earpiece Integration

Keep staff communication private and avoid disturbing guests with earpiece integration. Stream messages live into a headset and respond without opening the app.

Voice-to-Text Transcription [PRO]

Quickly engage with messages by transcribing your audio messages into text, when listening to audio isn't ideal.

Team Management [PRO]

Manage teams, curate messages, broadcast one-way messages to large groups, and manage centralized payment for your entire staff.

End-to-End Encryption

Voxer's Private Chats offer an end-to-end encrypted solution for the privacy conscious hospitality teams.

For a full list of Voxer features visit our Features Page.