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When You Can't Text

Voxer combines the power of live voice with text and photo sharing.

Nothing Beats the Power of Your Voice

When it’s important, nothing conveys your message faster or more accurately than the sound of your voice.

That’s why we created Voxer. With a push of a button, you can instantly talk to individuals or entire groups. Send text or share photos too.

Faster than email and far more efficient than voicemail, Voxer is the next best thing to being there.

Stay Connected with the People Who Matter Most—Wherever They Are.

With Voxer you can:

Talk, send text and photos — send live or recorded voice, text messages and photos instantly—to one person or an entire group.

Listen live or listen later — Listen ‘live’ while someone is speaking and respond immediately or listen later and reply when it’s convenient.

Use any network, globally — Voxer works on any cellular or Wifi network around the world.

Communication for the Way We Live Today

Voxer delivers the best of messaging (live and recorded voice, text, and photos) all in one smartphone app.


• Live and recorded audio, text, photos
• Walkie Talkie-like functionality on a smart device
• iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and computer
• Data network interoperability for any carrier or WiFi
• Military-grade security and encryption
• Syncs seamlessly across all your devices
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