Modern and secure communication for high-performance teams

Voxer PRO is the leading mobile messaging solution for customer-facing teams and distributed workforces.



Walkie-Talkie and Messaging

Your team can hear you while you speak and reply immediately. Voxer also supports text, images, videos, location sharing, and more.

Built for iPhone, Android, and Web

Everyone who has a smartphone is fully equipped to use Voxer. Use Voxer on your laptop or desktop computer. Works worldwide on any carrier network or wifi.

One-on-One or Group Chats

Bring your team together with one-on-one conversations or create collaborative group chats.

Hands-Free [PRO]

Deliveries keeping your hands busy? Listen to messages even if the app is closed and the device is locked and reply when using a headset.

Team Management [PRO]

You control who is in your group chats. You can broadcast one-way messages to large groups and manage centralized payment for your entire team.

End-to-End Encryption

Private Chats offer an end-to-end encrypted solution for your communication.

For a full list of Voxer features visit our Features Page